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From model to hull.

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Less weight

Up to 25% less resin.

Less time

Up to 60% time saving.

Improved impact properties.

Shaped Foam Kit

From 3D drawing of hull supplied by customer, we shape all the foam panels to generate the perfect fit kit.

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The core map is generated.

We split hulls into panels optimized to minimize core waste.

Features such as chamfers, cut-outs and inserts are marked out in drawings.

Panel shape and thickness analyzed and spring-back correction applied.

Software converts drawing to control program for adaptive mould.


Full and partial sheets are thermoformed.

Trimming lines and cut-outs are marked out using laser projector.

Panels are manually trimmed and chamfered to net shape and labelled according to core map.

Inserts and other features are CNC machined.

Parts are labelled according to core map.

Snapshot Boston_edited.jpg


The 3D core map is provided to the customer.

A work instruction is provided on the core fitting procedure.

Physical support on the installation offered as an optional extra.


''Shaped Foam Kit is definitely a great improvement in terms of core performance, weight saving as well as surface finish. The beSpline products are a game changer for the marine industry, and their advantages will be of interest in many more composites applications.”


JP Mouligne

Head of sales Americas Gurit (USA) inc.

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