Materials and Finishes

Sustainable, durable, and
customizable curved panels

Curved Panels

bespline curved panels are available in a wide range of finishes.

We carefully select materials that have the smallest impact on the environment and are safe for people who work with them.

We enable lightweight for less carbon footprint and meet demanding requirements for durability plus functionality.

curved material


Sustainable selections
for curved excellence

Skinrock Stone
Surface Panel

Stiff Panels

Bespoke Patterns

RAL Colour Range

Sand, Marble, Granite, Terrazzo Aggregate

LEED-Certified Resin

3D Wood Veneers

Acoustical Panel

Textile Reinforcements

Ekoa Material

Primed Panels

Various Natural Fiber Textiles

Custom Paint and FR Materials

We use water-based Acrylic One resin 
that is LEED-certified and VOC-free.

By laminating with glass fiber or other reinforcement, we make thin, strong, bespoke-shaped panels.

This resin uses natural calcium sulfate to provide B-s1 fire performance per the EN 13501 standard and A2-s1 when 
sand is added. It also meets/provides:

ASTM E84-15B

Flame Spread Index (FSI):20

Smoke Development Index (SDI):15.

We can add/mix pigments enabling almost every color in the RAL range and can apply bespoke patterns via textiles, scrims and appliques. An additional coating can provide waterproofing and UV protection, as well as graffiti-resistance with cleanability and chemical resistance against acids, bases or solvents.

colour swatches

Wood and Biomaterials

bespline uses 3D wood
veneers to
create stunning
bespoke shapes.

We can source practically any wood species. We also use various natural fibers to create novel sustainable looks, including translucent shapes. For example, Lingrove EKOA offers the look and feel of wood but uses renewable flax and bioresin.

curved wood

Stone, Aggregate and Bespoke Treatments

bespline can achieve a range of stone-like 
finishes — mate or gloss — by using sand, 
granite, marble and other aggregates.

This composite approach has been featured in projects like the SFMOMA exterior facade — and enables us to mimic practically any material — concrete, metal, zinc, wood or stone — at a fraction of the thickness and weight. We can also mold in texture and shapes that evoke or re-imagine stone or wood but also enable completely new ideas, forms and aesthetics.

red claddingtextured wallcustom texturecustom texturecustom texture