Innovating beyond boundaries: bespline's vision

Novel Solutions

Empowering small businesses: bespline's next-gen technologies

bespline’s goal is to make next-gen technologies available beyond large conglomerates — enabling small businesses and innovators to realize their visions. We partner with companies to develop solutions that work — at small scale but also commercial production — while eliminating waste, weight and emissions.

bespline Facts

3-5X faster production.

50-80% less weight = less heavy-duty structure and actuation.

Mold-less manufacture makes small series affordable.


Curved composite panels for projection surfaces

bespline assembles lightweight curved composite panels 
to create a large, smooth surface for a variety of visual and simulation projections. By eliminating a mold, we enable companies to offer bespoke products with a short lead 
time and affordable price.

Case Studies

Discover our innovative solutions for complex challenges

Innovation Case Study

Innovation Case Study

Materials and Finishes

Versatile materials and
finishes for diverse needs

We work with a wide range of materials and finishes, meeting 
not only unique aesthetics but also noise and thermal insulation, fire resistance and other requirements.