3D Core Kit


Our unique approach and infrastructure allow us to make doubly curved structural core kits with low-to-no spring back, enabling much faster installation. ​​

  • Reduced resin intake

  • Weight saving

  • Fast core assembly 

  • Low-to-no spring back

foam core group.jpg

Architectural Panels

We can shape a wide range of materials and integrate some special requirements like fire resistant properties, chemical protection, or acoustic absorption. 

  • Plastics for example ABS, PS, Plexiglas (PMMA), PET, PVC

  • Reinforced plastics for example reinforced with glass or carbon fiber

  • Solid surfaces such as Corian

  • Foam cores PET, PVC, Corecell

  • Laminated wood

curveworks architecture.PNG

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Monstera feuilles


At beSpline, we want to be part of the change towards a more sustainable economy. Therefore, our fabrication method is based on a reusable mould instead of fabricating new sets of tooling for every project. This way we save energy, tooling wasting and storage space. Eco-design is also about selecting ecofriendly material, bio-sourced or recycled, wich is why beSpline continuously develops standards of biocomposites with it's suppliers. 



Light and structural 3D panels can be made with an infinity of curved shapes using monolithic or sandwich construction. Each panel size can be up to 3200mm x 2000mm and can be assembled to make larger structures. 


Large Composite Moulds

We can build large composite moulds without the need to make a large plug. Send us your project, we can certainly save you time and money !

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Our engineering team can analyze your projects and your specific requirements to provide the best solution for your project. 

  • Computational Aided Design

  • Material selection

  • Mechanical assembly and installation

  • Proof of concept

  • Special projects