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Cockpits and Domes

Mold-free, lightweight composites for efficient construction

bespline eliminates the time and cost of a mold, speeding construction and enabling production of one-off models and small-series. Our lightweight composite construction is durable yet reduces the need for heavy-duty structure and actuators, further reducing cost. We also provide an aerospace-grade finish.

bespline Facts

3-5X faster production.

50-80% less weight = less heavy-duty structure and actuation.

Mold-less manufacture makes small series affordable.

Urban/Advanced Air Mobility

Enabling lightweight

Lightweight and less expensive composite structures are key for the fast-growing UAM/AAM industry. These vehicles require new shapes and innovative manufacturing to meet the safety and sustainability requirements for future mobility. bespline can help.


Innovative interiors for aerospace

bespline has been working with aerospace companies in Canada to demonstrate the labor, weight and cost savings possible using adaptive molds to produce interiors for small aircraft and business jets. By combining the proper resins, reinforcements and a wide range of finishes, we can meet current standards while delivering more sustainable alternatives.

Case Studies

Discover our innovative solutions for complex challenges

Aeronautics Case Study

Aeronautics Case Study

Aeronautics Case Study

Materials and Finishes

Versatile materials and
finishes for diverse needs

We work with a wide range of materials and finishes, meeting 
not only unique aesthetics but also noise and thermal insulation, fire resistance and other requirements.