Architectural design with eco-friendly approaches.

Stair Cladding

Sustainable bespoke curves and shapes on demand

bespline gives architects and designers access to curves and 3D shapes without the lead time and cost of fabricating molds — while our advanced composite construction delivers the strength and stiffness of steel at 1/5 the weight. Our mission is to make bespoke manufacturing more sustainable. We deliver innovative solutions on demand, engineered to meet exacting requirements.

bespline Facts

Freedom in bespoke design.

Less: weight, material, emissions.

One panel, multiple functions,
faster installation.

Interior/Exterior Facades

Eco-friendly facades
for bespoke designs

bespline enables eco-designs — via free-form curves and organic shapes  — and lightweight = less material and a smaller carbon footprint.

Our composite facades provide waterproofing, thermal insulation (no bridging  or condensation) and fire resistance with a wide array of integrated finishes and proven long-term durability.

Acoustic Panels

Innovative shaped acoustic
panels for industry leaders

Having produced a variety of shaped acoustic panels for wall, ceiling and partition/furnishing installations that pass UL 94 flammability tests, bespline is working with industry leaders 
to develop innovative new products.

Furnishings and Installations

Curved panels for efficient
interior solutions

bespline also offers labor, weight and cost savings for 
interiors and furnishings via curved panels with a wide 
range of finishes. Our products unlock your design, 
tailored for specific loads and environments while 
minimizing waste and maximizing sustainability.

Case Studies

Discover our innovative solutions for complex challenges

Architecture Case Study

Architecture Case Study

Architecture Case Study

Architecture Case Study

Architecture Case Study

Architecture Case Study

Architecture Case Study

Materials and Finishes

Versatile materials and
finishes for diverse needs

We work with a wide range of materials and finishes, meeting 
not only unique aesthetics but also noise and thermal insulation, fire resistance and other requirements.