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3D Curved Innovations for Architectural Acoustics

For the past three years, bespline and the Feltkütur range of acoustic products by Alkegen have embarked on an exciting journey to develop innovative acoustic products emphasizing curved design. This unique collaboration has merged joint technical and creative expertise, to push the boundaries of acoustic design.

This fruitful partnership has resulted in two outstanding new products within the Feltkütur collection: the Hëlm office partition and QuietCurve baffles. These revolutionary products embody our shared commitment to innovation and excellence. The Feltkütur acoustic collections are made possible thanks to the Düotex technology.

QuietCurve baffles

Representing a major advancement in the field of architectural acoustics, QuietCurve baffles redefine the standards of sound quality and design. Available in two distinct models — Atlantic and Pacific — these curved baffles deliver optimal sound diffusion while adding a touch of elegance to any environment including commercial, residential, or institutional spaces.

Hëlm office partition

With a subtle yet distinct curvature, Hëlm office partitions provide exceptional acoustic solutions while creating a more harmonious and private working environment. Designed to seamlessly integrate into any modern office space, Hëlm partitions combine refined aesthetics with cutting-edge acoustic performance.

What sets these products apart in the market is their distinctive curved appearance, a result of our close collaboration and shared drive to innovate. The curves are not only aesthetically appealing but also enhance acoustic quality, providing more uniform sound diffusion and significant noise reduction.

Together, bespline and Feltkütur have succeeded in creating products that seamlessly blend form and function — meeting the most demanding acoustic needs while pushing the boundaries of design. We will continue to push the limits of innovation, creating even more revolutionary acoustic solutions for years to come. With the Hëlm and QuietCurve product lines, the future of acoustics is transforming spaces now.

About bespline

bespline enables 3D curves and unique designs in a range of lightweight, structural materials and high-quality finishes. We eliminate the time, cost and waste of traditional molds by using a digitally reconfigurable system that creates a CAD file shape in minutes. We minimize energy use and carbon footprint while developing novel lightweight composites and aesthetic surfaces, as well as biomaterials, recycled and recyclable solutions. We enable what was previously not possible, affordable or sustainable.

About Alkegen and Feltkütur

Alkegen creates high performance specialty materials used in advanced applications designed with the ultimate goal of saving energy, reducing pollution, and improving safety for people, buildings and equipment. Made from recyclable fibers, Alkegen acoustical solutions use specialty materials that meet the highest demands: noise reduction, flexibility, flame resistance, and environmental compatibility.

As users demand quieter environments, designers and architects have begun to manage airborne noise with greater knowledge and a demand for new, innovative products. Thanks to the advanced engineering capabilities of Feltkütur’s sound absorption solutions, what used to be uncontrollable is now contained with style. Nothing has been left unexplored when it comes to finding new ways to ensure a more peaceful and productive environment and enjoyable user experience.