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bespline + ekoa® = Sustainably Curved Plant-Based Interiors

Sustainable interiors that include natural elements with the warmth and feel of wood but without deforestation are now possible in customized curves and 3D shapes using bespline technology.

Lingrove developed ekoa® eco-veneers and panels from renewable plants and biomaterials to provide high performance interiors that help protect vital forests while providing a material that is strong, durable, healthy, unique, and beautiful.

bespline eliminates the time, cost and waste of molds by using a reconfigurable system to shape high-performance composite materials. Creating a CAD file shape in minutes, its adaptive molding system uses a membrane on top of digitally-controlled actuators to produce smooth singly- and doubly-curved surfaces.

ekoa® by Lingrove and bespline have now combined their disruptive technologies to produce interiors that are striking yet sustainable — replacing wood, plastic, metals, and laminates that are often made using toxic chemicals — with biocomposites in shapes produced without machining, waste or energy-intensive processes.

See the possibilities and interiors of the future at Lingrove, booth 2613, during the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Annual Conference on Architecture AIA24 Expo June 6-7, 2024 in Washington, D.C.

Lingrove’s mission is to create high performance, carbon-negative interiors to combat climate change. The company’s high-performance composite ekoa® can be used in most interior applications from walls and cabinetry to furniture and automotive finishes, offering a cost-effective, clean product that ensures healthy indoor air and commercial-grade quality. Visit or contact us at

bespline enables sustainably curved and unique shapes in a range of lightweight, structural materials and finishes with thermal/acoustic insulation and fire resistance for interiors, ceilings, stairs, exterior facades and bespoke applications. See our case histories and learn more at